Fax Email

Enterprises now have the power to send and receive digital fax through Net2Mail's Fax Mail Add-On Service. Users who subscribe to this service will receive an US DID number (such as 510 or 408) that will allow them to receive digital faxes through that number in the form of a TIFF file.
Advantages of Net2Mail Fax Mailbox´╝Ü
Item Physical Facsimile (Fax Machine) Net2Mail Fax MailBox
Economical Physical machine, toner cartridge replacements, paper, fax line, maintenance/repair fee. Use any computer with internet connection: Minimum monthly fee of $5 USD
Flexibility One transfer line for just one fax number, incoming faxes will have to wait in line Can receive multiple faxes at the same time
Mobility Fax number and transmission tied and grounded to physical location Receive fax from anywhere, at any time
Efficiency Physical fax requires sifting through paper or printing to finally feed files into fax machine Search, archive, and transfer fax digitally
Conservation Physical machine, cartridge replacement, paper waste... Digitalized fax means no paper or ink used, and helps conserve not only cost but the earth
Stability Broken machine require repair wait time Web-based service with 24hr toll free customer service center